What’s your limit as x approaches 0?

I spent some time going through my kids’ toys this week, making room for the newly-acquired toys from Santas everywhere.
We sort all toys in three piles: Keep, Give and Toss. My husband and I were quite amazed as some toys (that were highly coveted, not so long ago) got thrown into the Give pile with no remorse from the boys.
Just a few years ago, I remember searching high and low for Mr Potato head (it had to be the one that talks back at you with an attitude and falls apart when you yell at it). Now, he and all his falling parts were sitting, forgotton, in the Give pile, waiting to make another child happy. Mr. Potato head had been replaced in the boys’ hearts by Legos of all shapes and sizes. My boys are growing up, alright.
It suddenly occured to me that we will all pass through this ritual with everying we own. We outgrow it, lose it, gift it, break it, finish it, smash it or x it ( insert your word for x here). The bottomline is that x approaches 0 -zero always (yeah, that’s calculus).
So, folks, the word today is: What’s your limit (attitude to stuff) as x approches 0?

Sorry, we ain’t leaving this gig with a thing!

Limit as x approaches 0

Limit as x approaches 0

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3 Responses to What’s your limit as x approaches 0?

  1. Tony Ojolola says:

    Very insightful Pele. Think your effort deserves a wider audience – Let me know if you’d like to contribute to Pilgrim Times. Tony Ojolola

  2. Adeyimika Desmennu says:

    Quite insightful Ore. May we continue to live our days as such! Knowing that we aint gonna leave this gig with nothing…..

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