Everyone’s Santa, Baby!


I’ve had a pretty busy week, scouring the malls looking for that perfect Christmas present for all the peeps on my list.

When the kids were much younger, it was pretty easy pulling off the “Santa came down the chimney with the gifts while you were asleep” tale. This year, my kids half-believe in Santa. However, they realize it’s important to keep  playing the game, no matter what!  So, I’ve gotten at least  6 – 7 wish list revisions from each child. Mummy, can you please  pass this on to Santa? That’s ok dear,  as long as you remember that “Santa” does not always grant all your wishes 😉

The bigger challenge we’ve got this year is that, the kids are getting pretty good at “discovering” the presents in our established hiding zones around the house! It’s pretty hard to keep the magic alive, after such findings.

After a rather hectic day, my 6 year old son was handing me yet another version of his Christmas list, when I suddenly blurted out, “Everyone’s Santa, you know”. The boy looked stunned. I knew I had captured in his expression at that moment, the end of the faith-in-Santa era.  Oh, well. 😐

So, I quickly followed up with: “Remember that you are getting a gift for your brother and it’s going to be a surprise? So, for that gift, you are his Santa! Doesn’t it feel wonderful to be Santa?” I linked that statement  to the message of Christmas, and the life of Saint Nick. Then, I wore a Santa hat all day to buttress my point, and left the rest to his imagination. Q.E.D.  😉

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2 Responses to Everyone’s Santa, Baby!

  1. Tony Ojolola says:

    LoL. Knew nothing of Santa growing up in Ibadan it has to be said, Pele! Thinking back, my preoccupation was ‘are we having goat or turkey this Christmas?’ And as per prezzies – I was always content with Bongo trousers, shinny platforms and patterned shirts with collars that looked like planes about to take off. We are talking about the 70s here. Innocent times.

    • Pele says:

      So true! How easily content we were, in those days. In the eighties, we had a Father Christmas (Santa) that arrived in a tractor with gifts supplied by our parents. By the nineties, he and his elves had a lot less to haul around. The latest I heard, he was running around on foot. Santa even stopped by our house for drink of water…I don’t think he had any presents on him. LOL!

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