A Blogger is Re-Born Today!

I had a sudden brain wave to start blogging today. I always have random thoughts floating around this brain of mine. Why not pen it, and have it running around my friend’s brains too? That way, I won’t come across as weird when I suddenly blurt them out.

Why today?  I finshed reading  Chiamanda’s Americanah about a week ago.  I haven’t stopped  thinking about the experiences in that book ever since.  Boy! can I relate?  So, Ifemelu  (the protagonist in Americanah), inspired me to start blogging today.

I had just started the hunt for an appropriate blogging tool when I remembered that I “played” around  with WordPress a while back. I headed back to the site, got in, and voila! I came face to face with my first post ever, exactly 3 years ago!

Friends, this is the first of my floating-around thoughts for you. If you haven’t read Americanah, go get your hands on it. You may be surprised at what it inspires you to start or stop doing. Just buy it! Don’t be a cheapskate like me and  wait six months  to get your hands on a library copy.  He he he.

Stay tuned 🙂

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2 Responses to A Blogger is Re-Born Today!

  1. oladepo says:

    hi, I think it is a lovely book and everyone should read it, I could not put it down till I finished. It simply shows what Nigerians go through abroad. But the question is: how many Nigerians would decide to come home simply because they ‘miss home’? Not many! They would rather be doing odd jobs than go back home! However, I did not like the ending of the book: why did Ifemelu break up Obinze’s home, it was uncalled for. But on the whole its a good and honest book!

  2. Pele says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed reading Americanah, Oladepo. I agree with you that the ending leaves you with many unanswered questions. It make this book worthy of a sequel.

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